Our Collaborations – security products companies


Per offritvi sempre il meglio abbiamo collaborato con queste aziende e siamo alla ricerca delle migliori aziende nascenti nel settore:

We are working  with this companies and we are looking for the top security products companies in Italy in order to offer our best:

IMATEK brand founded in 2006 in Paris, the capital of France, engaged in the design, development and production of high-quality security monitoring products, and quickly won the technology innovation, high quality, good reputation, established a high-end brand image and status in the international market. (clic here below for our related reviews).


MUSEGEAR believes the world is complicated enough as it is. That it’s the little things that can make our lives that much easier. And we believe that our customers can only love what we love and use ourselves every day. That’s why our gadgets are 100% millennial-approved. (clic here below for our related reviews)

PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS provides state of the art, multi-layered security with advanced privacy protection using VPN tunneling. Scroll below to the Security Layers section to learn more about each individual layer. Our services have been designed from the ground up to be able to operate using built-in technology pre-existing in your computer or smartphone device. The services operate at the TCP/IP interface level, which means all of your applications will be secured, not just your web browser. (This description is PIA’s website)



DEFENCE SYSTEMS was born in 1998 and is leader in italian market of protection tools and self-defence systems. Over the years it develops new collaborations and acquisitions of different brands and patents in the hardware and household sectors. The business dynamism, supported by a team experienced in the management of direct import, is its main strength. Defence Systems guarantees compliance with safety standards and convenience during purchase, thanks to an excellent price performance.


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